Dry Face Brushing Ritual

A regular dry face brushing ritual boosts the skin’s metabolism, promotes skin renewal, and enhances the flow of oxygen and nutritions. Dry brushing is an extremely easy, rewarding and efficient ritual. It leaves you feeling refreshed and brings visible results on the skin.

Dry face brushing activates the lymph circulation. Regular Djusie Dry Face Brushing Ritual helps maintain the vitality of the skin, brightens up its tone and reduces puffiness.

Always brush on dry skin. The goal of Djusie dry brushing ritual is to stimulate the lymphatic circulation. A warm or cold shower after brushing cancels the effects of the treatment – that’s why it’s crucial to always dry brush after the shower.

Do not perform the Djusie Dry Face Brushing Ritual if you have an acute infection or inflammation, cancer, thrombosis or congestive heart disease.