Djusie Facial Dry Cupping Ritual

Djusie Facial Dry Cupping Ritual strengthens and brightens the skin, reduces puffiness, and relaxes facial muscles. The ritual is suitable for all skin types to maintain the vitality of the skin. However, dry cupping is not recommended for thin or sensitive skin.

Dry cupping is suitable for all skin types, except very thin and sensitive skin. Skin issues should never be treated directly (acne, rash and such) – instead, treat the skin under the troubled areas. Please note that facial cupping is not recommended if you’ve had lymph nodes removed during surgery, botox or other fillers (within the last 4 months), cancer, open wounds, abscesses or burns.

We recommend facial dry cupping approximately 3 times a week, depending on the skin type. Dry cupping is always done on cleansed skin after applying essence. Before cupping, make sure to apply facial oil carefully.

Djusie Facial Dry Cupping Ritual uses two techniques: dynamic cupping (sliding) and flash cupping.

In dynamic cupping, the cup is slid on the skin. In flash cupping, the cup is placed on the skin briefly and then removed without sliding. In facial dry cupping the cup is never left on the skin. Dynamic cupping should not be performed on the neck area at all.

Flash cupping can be done 1-5 times in one spot. The strokes of dynamic cupping can be repeated 1-3 times. The facial dry cupping ritual can be performed about three times a week. The treatment can be short, only 5-10 minutes and maximum of 20 minutes at a time. 

 The effect of the treatment can be adjusted by the speed. Sliding the cup slowly and lightly has a greater effect on the flow of lymphatic fluids. A faster and stronger sliding motion has a greater effect on muscles, connective tissue, and blood circulation. In dynamic cupping, the skin can be supported with the other hand towards the opposite direction.