Abundant hydration and optimal acid balance are the essentials for the juicy feel (and look)

Apply Acid Bloom onto your face one layer at a time until the skin feels juicy, plump and well hydrated. If you have sensitive skin start using with one layer.

Take a small amount of essence at a time and lightly rub the palms together – the warmth of your hands helps the product to penetrate optimally. Using your hands instead of cotton to save product.

Let the essence penetrate into the face and neck by patting gently. Apply the next layer once the previous one has penetrated properly. Touching the skin has a soothing effect that gets under the skin. The more you touch your skin, the more your skin awareness grows. And the better you know your skin, the clearer you start to hear its messages. (Needless to say, this helps you grow more and more comfortable in your own skin!)