Japanese quince or flowering quince is a rose-like short shrub that forms beautiful orange-red flowers in the summer and produces yellow, knobbly fruits that smell like citrus in the autumn.




Djusie uses cold-pressed oil from Japanese quince seeds, which has a sweet scent that resembles marzipan.

Japanese quince seed oil is rich in omega-6 or linoleic acid (over 50% of the fatty acids), omega-9 or oleic acid (approximately 34%), and palmitic acid (about 9%). In addition to fatty acids, Japanese quince seed oil contains vitamin E and carotenoids.

Japanese quince seed oil soothes inflammation, strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, balances the skin’s sebum secretion, smooths fine lines, brightens skin tone, and protects the skin from cell damage caused by UV radiation and external stressors.