Djusie ’Joy & Care’ Original Art Print by Juulia Jokinen

Made in Finland

Everyone masters the art of bloom in their original way. This is a vital reminder that deserves a place on everyone’s wall. Djusie art prints exist to celebrate original creation, artists of passion, bold colours and diverse beauty.

As the 2024 Djusie Original Art Print, we proudly present a limited edition of ‘Joy & Care’ by Juulia Jokinen. Jokinen is a Helsinki-based graphic designer and illustrator, currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Aalto University. She brings forth fantastical worlds through abstraction and enjoys working with seemingly restrictive visual mediums – such as the grid paper used in Joy & Care.

‘Joy & Care’ is inspired by the cheerful colors of Djusie and the juiciest fruits. This piece of art is our reminder of the fact that nature’s bounty doesn’t obey grid paper. While the society often confines us to boxes, this artwork encourages coloring outside the lines – and being proud of who you are.

As we always say, there’s nothing like a human touch. Just as we cherish hands-on rituals in our skincare design, this wild and cheerful artwork celebrates the joy of self-care.

Jokinen’s tactile, playful techniques invite you to invest hands-on time in your own wellbeing. Embrace joy and care as your 2024 mantra, enriching not only your life but those around you. Self-care is one of the most powerful everyday actions you can take.






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