Djusie ’WHIRLWINDY’ Original Art Print by Irene Suosalo

Made in Finland

Everyone masters the art of bloom in their original way. This is a vital reminder we’d like to hang on everyone’s wall. Djusie art prints exist to celebrate original creation, artists of passion, bold colors and diverse beauty.

As the 2023 Djusie Original Art Print, we proudly present a limited edition of ‘WHIRLWINDY’ by Irene Suosalo. Suosalo is a bold experimental artist from Helsinki, focusing especially on animation. She works internationally with versatile platforms – video, illustration and music. Her signature style is a curious mix of retro and modern. In Suosalo’s creative process, mistakes are celebrated as fascinating surprises.

‘WHIRLWINDY’ is inspired by the cheerful colors of Djusie. Through a playful digital animation process, Suosalo has brought together seemingly random pieces of torn paper. The outcome is an organic and vivid whirlwind of original beauty – a big picture of togetherness where every single piece makes sense.

The print is available in size 50x70cm and as a mini print with Djusie Full Bloom Box during 2023.





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